Healing by Design

Rasmus Interiors was founded to help clients drive profitability and success through thoughtful interior design. 

Through innovation, research, and highly creative solutions, we design approachable and elevated spaces, creating a comforting enviornment for clients, patients and staff. We believe that your space should embody your unique goals and personality. Rasmus Interior’s ability to help clients turn their dreams into reality and make their mark has transformed countless businesses across the nation. 

Our Story

Rasmus Interiors has an established history of interior architectural design success as measured by the success of our client’s projects. We believe the best interiors are the ones that function well to meet the needs of the medical practice and beautifully reflect the client’s tastes, experiences, and personality. 


Our Services

At Allison Rasmus Interior Design Studio, we understand how busy our clients are and believe a space that is both aesthetic and functional does not need to be sacrificed by a hectic schedule. Full service interior design takes the hassle away and delivers a personalized space down to the last detail. 

<> Consultation & programming
<> Site visit & survey 
<> Space planning & schematic design
<> Fully customized design conceptualization
<> Selection & sourcing of funiture, equipment, art, lighting, & architectural features
<> Construction documents & administration


1. consultation

Let’s chat! We need to get to know you, and how you
would like to make your mark with your interior design, whether it’s for your home or your business. Tell us what you love, what you don’t love and what inspires you. 

2. site survey

We’ll come get a feel for the space, gather information, and confirm the accuracy of all measurements and dimensions.

3. floor plan +
schematic design

We’ll take information from the initial consultation and implement it into a floor plan that illustrates the locations of walls, windows, doors, furniture layouts, and equipment, as well as any specific requirements per your residence or business. 

During the schematic phase, we’ll implement the floor plan and further define the project’s requirements through major design concepts for the space. Next, we will create a mood board that develops a design concept package that will drive the project vision. 

4. design development

We will take the information from schematics and start implementing the design details into your space, including sourcing materials such as flooring, wall treatments, doors, hardware, ceiling treatments, light fixtures, furniture, artwork, architectural features and equipment. We will create a 3D rendering to help clients visualise their future space. 

We will communicate any and all specifications with the awarded architect, general contractors, and engineers as needed. 

5. construction documents

We will transfer the design development into written
and graphic documents to help the communicate the
project design for construction build out and project

6. construction administration

We will coordinate all necessary design related information to the general contractor and attend site visits throughout the construction process to ensure all design details are being met.


“Allison was such a pleasure to work with and helped turn our home into a place we truly enjoy being. After a quick phone call with us, she was able to come up with a mood board that fit our style perfectly. She then created (and patiently re-created) multiple room layouts as we made trades with our contractors. Throughout the process, Allison helped us consider not just the style of the space, but also how we would use the space to ensure the final design would be functional for us. The result was a completely transformed home, matched perfectly to our style and our lifestyle. We absolutely love it and can’t recommend Allison enough.”

Brandi Sippel - Orange County ,CA

“Allison is world-class! Allison designed a new state of the art, multi-million dollar, dental facility in Southern Maryland for my wife and I. We gave Allison a few colors and a couple Pinterest photos and she nailed our vision on the first attempt! The interior and exterior literally looks like something straight out of a magazine. She exceeded all of our expectations. We have had multiple dental vendors tell us that they have been in thousands of dental offices in their career and that the office Allison designed was by far the most beautiful and nicest. The best thing with Allison is not the necessarily the extraordinary results, as her work speaks for itself. The best thing about Allison is the person that she is. She makes you feel comfortable from the initial meeting and throughout the entire process. She really listens to questions and concerns and always goes over and above to serve you. She has mastered incorporating function with design. Allison can take any space and turn it into something that without her you could only dream of.”

Mike Hawkins - Lexington Park, MD

“I love working with Allison. She took the time to get to know me and what the vibe and feeling was that I wanted for my home and ran with it. I believe that she genuinely wants to know what we do and don’t like and is able to find what I like even better than I can and really make a vision come to life. I absolutely plan to continue to use her in the future for all of my interior design needs and I am constantly recommending her to my friends!” 

Marie Murphy - Fairfax, VA

“Allison is the best. She is professional, amazingly creative, and stays within budget expectation. She transformed our visions into reality in a pleasant and fun experience! Can’t wait to do another project with Allyson in the future.”

Eric Hyatt

“I cannot recommend Allison highly enough as an interior designer. I came across her name in a list of referrals and instantly loved her style from the portfolio available on her website. After meeting her, I was even more confident in her as the choice for us. She has fantastic taste and is confident in her design views, but truly listens to her clients and what they’re looking for in terms of style and finishes. She is thoughtful in her approach to design — it’s like having her update your wardrobe, and she manages to make you look like a better, stylish version of yourself, rather than molding you into some “on trend” cutout. Allison was hired to help us with a home we were designing from scratch, and she was invaluable in thinking through large scale concepts like room flow as well as details like wallpaper and trim. She was able to help us define spaces and add details to rooms in ways that were special and unique, but not so specific that we will grow tired of them in a year. Allison is also fantastic as fielding concerns and making you comfortable with any proposals. She listened to both me and my husband about our respective tastes, and was always able to find design options that we were both thrilled with. Lastly, she’s just a pleasure to work with — she’s personable, kind, and truly aiming to help you have a home you love.”

Liz Kwok
Alexandria, VA

“To preference this, I am an orthodontist doing a startup in Virginia. I first heard of Allison through the orthodontic social world. From the first time I spoke with her all the way to delivering design documents and beyond, I could not be happier. To describe what one would expect, Allison has a method of taking what your preferred look that you have on a pinterest/houzz account, extracting your personality, and delivering a beautifully designed space that’s esthetically pleasing, functional, and flexible to any budget. I always had an idea of what my office would look like but I didn’t know how to get it on paper. From the moment I saw the raw initial renderings of the design I couldn’t believe it, the office is beyond what my imagination could have come up with. I refer every dentist friend of mine looking to do a buildout straight to Allison. I put her skills up against anyone in the nation from large architect firms to other general interior designers. If you just need someone to pick out colors of paint for you, this is not it; but if you’re looking for a business differentiating wow factor that will appeal to your target market that will show your patients your attention to detail, look no further, and schedule a consultation right away. I’ve already hired Allison (in my head) to design my second office and custom home that I don’t have LOL. Much Love Allison.”

Minh Nguyen
Excelsior Dental